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Big Trip, Small Bag

August 3, 2017

 One pair of boots, two pairs of sandals, casual sneakers, athletic sneakers, I pair of heels, 2 maxi dresses, 6 sun dresses, one jump suit, one cocktail dress, 4 pairs of shorts, 8 top..... this list could go on and on and is also an example of what my suitcase would have looked like just one year ago. I am usually the girl who packs about 5 more days worth of clothes than needed for any given trip. But for this 18 Day journey, that was not an option.

Since I will be traveling via trains, planes, and automobiles I really had to narrow down what exactly was going to be going into my suitcase. I was lucky enough to find an almost brand new carry-on sized suitcase at my local thrift store for just $5. It had all of the organization pockets that I needed for a trip like this. 

Since I will be camping my way across the US one way, I knew my access to a washer and dryer would be limited so that ruled out the mixing and matching plan that I originally had. Plan B still involved mixing and matching, but in a higher quantity. I choose to bring a lot of neutral tops that would go well with the variety of shorts that I had on hand as well as the star of the show -the red Traveling Kimono. And since I am such a "dress girl" I packed some dresses comfortable enough for driving and lightweight enough for the versatile climates I would be encountering

Typically I fold my clothes, but I quickly figured out that if I wanted to bring my slippers, I was going to have to find another way to condense. I did some research and found that the rolling technique is the way to go and let me tell you, it allowed me to pack my sun hat, a small backpack for outside adventures, and my slippers. 

A little secret about me...I am a wrinkle FREAK! I hate wrinkles, but I love wrinkle prone clothing. So, another must have item was my travel size steamer. This thing goes everywhere I go. It works like a gem and allows me to be wrinkle free, far from home. I do want to avoid steaming as much as I can, so I conducted a little experiment before rolling my clothes. I steamed each wrinkle prone piece and took extra care to roll them as smoothly as possible with the hopes of the fewer wrinkles the better. I'll let you know how it works! 

The Traveling Kimono adventure begins today! Follow @Agraire_Clothing on Instagram and see where we end up in the next 18 days!


Bonvoyage, Melissa

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Hi, I'm Melissa, owner and designer of Agraire. This is where I will share inside info on the Agraire collection, steps we're taking to live a more conscious lifestyle personally and as a company, our travels, and much more!

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