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The Traveling Kimono

July 18, 2017

This August, I will be taking a trip across the country from the Central Coast of California to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and back. The title of the film Trains Planes & Automobiles (which I admittedly have never seen) comes to mind because throughout my 18 day journey I will be using all three forms of transportation. You can see the tentative plan in the image below, but as with all great American road trips, things are sure to change course.  


I was inspired by multiple traveling projects (fiction and non-fiction) such as The Flat Stanley Project (who has come into my possession multiple times) as well as the teen movie The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants to start a project of my own. I am calling it The Traveling Kimono. 


Our naturally dyed kimonos with long billowing bell sleeves are one of my favorite pieces to take with me on vacation. It is a fun and unique piece that can be worn casually with denim shorts, a basic tee, and some sneakers or dressed up with a sassy cocktail dress and heels. So, since it was already going to be a necessity in my suitcase, I thought I'd give it a little more light and be the shining star throughout the trip.  


The concept is to see how far this kimono can go. I will start the project off with this trip and document it's journey through photos and map pin points. I estimate that with this trip alone, it should see 13 or more different states. 


After this adventure, I will send it on a journey of it's own, Flat Stanley style. The idea is: I will send it to a friend who lives in a different state, they will document themselves wearing it at one of their favorite spots in their town, Then they in turn, will send it to another friend/family member, etc in another state. There is no age or gender discrimination, who ever wants to rock it, they can rock it! 


I am excited to start this journey and hope that you will continue on it with me. 


Stay tuned for travel tips as I attempt to limit my packing to one carry-on and a back pack. 





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Hi, I'm Melissa, owner and designer of Agraire. This is where I will share inside info on the Agraire collection, steps we're taking to live a more conscious lifestyle personally and as a company, our travels, and much more!

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