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Owner: Melissa Silva
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Agraire focuses on sustainability and fair trade. The production process, as well as the natural dye process, takes place in Southern California. We aim to create high-end bohemian inspired products that can be worn from season to season, year to year. We hope that our products will remain in our customer’s closets for decades to come.


Agraire debuted as Vis à Vis Clothing in the fall of 2015 at LA Fashion Week’s Art Heart’s Fashion Show. The line originally consisted of a mix of naturally and un-naturally dyed products. At the beginning of 2016 the line transitioned into a fully naturally dyed only line, featuring a variety of high-end clothing items and accessories. Each product is made with fabric of natural fibers such as cotton and silk (wool and hemp are being tested) that are hand dyed with natural resources. The brand is always experimenting with new dye sources, and loves finding as much of our sources in our local markets as we can!


Continue to enhance the line by exploring and experimenting with unique natural dye sources.


Grow our network of conscious and fair trade fabric and trim manufactures, farmers, and other suppliers in the industry. 


Keep our promise to remain eco and labor conscious in all areas of the business.


Teach others the importance of striving for a greener planet and the ethicality of knowing who makes your clothes and how they are treated in the workplace.

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